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Professional Projects

Easy Intake Forms

Easy Intake Forms was a relatively simple project - rewrite a form using Flash with modern HTML5. This was my first professional project, and it used a simple Linux, NodeJS, and Express stack. Some loading was done client-side, with JQuery and AJAX.


The Vet500 is a voting platform comparing veterinarians and animal hospitals across the country. By the end of voting in September 2019, it recieved over 3,600 unique votes. This was my first voting platform, and it required knowing Linux server management, NodeJS and Express web servers, Firebase, and Twilio to validate phone numbers.

Idaho's Best

Idaho's Best is similar to Vet500 in how it functions, but it's targeted for Idaho businesses instead of nationwide veterinarians. The voting for 2020 just recently finished in October, and we recieved over 26,000 votes from about 14,000 unique voters with verified phone numbers. It has been my largest and most widely used project to date.

Fun Projects


Pivot is my experimental programming language. The goal is to better understand what compilers do and how programming languages work.


ghOSt is my experimental operating system. I'm trying to better understand what operating systems do and the scale of current operating systems.


Clander is a simple calendar app. I was working on it with my friend Danton.

Rust Experiments

This isn't so much a project, but a collection of smaller projects. These smaller projects range from basic I/O to the beginnings of a Minecraft server written in Rust. Take a look at the code here.